25 December 2011

It was closer than it should have been for longer than it should have been, but it ended just as it should have as the Bears lost in Green Bay and ended their hopes for a playoff berth in fitting fashion. Josh McCown mounted a valiant effort, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Aaron Rodgers’ five touchdowns.

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24 December 2011

Christmas Eve or not, there’s no way I’d let a schedule of great NFL action slip past my nets! The playoff positioning is settling in, but there’s some unresolved business in the NFC East with two pivotal games on Saturday. There’s plenty to talk about in week 16, so let’s get right to it!

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23 December 2010

Yeah…. who thought that this would be a good game? Oh who cares? It’s football!

(2-12) Carolina Panthers at
(10-4) Pittsburgh Steelers

So… is this game even worth disc

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20 December 2010

On a record-setting night for Devin Hester, the Chicago Bears put the clamps on the Minnesota Vikings to take the NFC North crown. Oh how sweet it was…(10-4) Chicago Bears 40
(5-9) Minnesota Vikings 14

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7 November 2010

It's week nine in the NFL season. Teams are beginning to fall from contender to pretender while other squads are starting to fight for postseason slotting. Let's kick off the Opening Drive!

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17 January 2010

It was an ugliest of games for the team in the prettiest of cities. After winning 11 straight games to finish the regular season, the San Diego Chargers came out with a resounding thud at home against the Jets on Sunday. Penalties, missed field goals and turnovers formed a perfect storm of suck for the Chargers and kept the Jets in the game until the final quarter where they took and held onto the lead to advance to the AFC championship game with a 17-14 victory.

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13 May 2009

Welcome hunting fans! Please join the site if you love to hunt. I've set this site up so that hunters can interact with each other, share hunting tips and strategy, and find great places to hunt. Join

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26 April 2009

First let me say I'm a huge Jr. fan, I loved watching his dad race, and I think he carries on that legacy flawlessly.  After Dale Earnhardt Sr. passed on to that big oval track in th

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30 December 2008


           This past Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys traveled to Lincoln Financial Field to play the Philadelphia Eagles in what was a win and you’re in the playoffs game.  This game had a lot of build-up prior kick-off.  The Eagles found out, about 15 minutes before the game started, that the stars had aligned for them; the Bears and Buccaneers had both lost.  This game had everything football fans wanted.  It was the ‘Boys against the Birds, with their playoff destinies on the line. 

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13 December 2008

One of the surprises of the season for the Astros was the performance of lefthander Randy Wolf. Acquired from the San Diego Padres for a minor leaguer, he had a better-than-expected season for the Astros. Still, they chose not to offer him salary arbitration and have instead brought back Mike Hampton.

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12 December 2008


           Each week I will answer questions submitted by my loyal readers.  I personally read every single email I receive.  I will pick out the best five or so to use for the weekly post, as I won’t be able to answer all of them.  I will also answer one or two questions on my daily posts as well.  Now it’s time to open the mail!  

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29 September 2008

I'd like to welcome you to Blogging The Big Blue Wrecking Crew. My goal is to make this a Giants site everyone can enjoy. I'm all about participation and good discussion, so comments are appreciated. Starting tomorrow this site will go "live" with stories and Giants information.

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13 August 2008


Pau Gasol is seven feet tall but he just got taller in my eyes.

Gasol and his teammates on Spain's Olympic team was put in an embarassing position this week of having to explain why they agreed to pose for an advertisement that reflected a racist tone.


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23 July 2008

It was late Friday evening when Chicago Bull and former Florida Gator superstar, Joakim Noah was (pa)trolling the streets of Gainesville where he once reigned supreme.  At about 1:50 am, a local police officer spotted Noah (hard to miss a seven-footer with a long, flowing mane) carrying a cup which he suspected contained an alcoholic beverage.  For those of you unfamiliar with Gainesville, Florida, walking around with an open container is at best discouraged and at the very worst illegal.

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12 June 2008

Good news: the Houston Astros hit three home runs last night against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Bad news: the Brew Crew hit five.

All three 'Stros longballs were solo shots (Miguel Tejada, Ty Winnington and Carlos Lee), whereas Milwaukee's four runs accounted for eight total runs (two solo shots and two 2-run homers). Astros pitcher Brandon Backe, who shows flashes of brilliance, gave up seven hits and five earned runs in four innings. He's 4-8 on the season with this loss with an ERA of an even 5.00. Both starters got hit hard, and both bullpens had their shaky moments--Houston's more so than Milwaukee's.

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15 April 2008

There’s been a huge hullabaloo over the questionable call (and that’s putting it as politely and as PC and as grossly understated as possible), that went in the favor of the NBA’s favorite son, well his team the Cleveland Cavaliers anyway, and effectively screwed over the hard-working, young 76ers, as well as the loud-talking Washington Wizards. Dropping both into situations, that should, quite frankly, not be—or, not necessarily be.   

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5 February 2008

When Pau Gasol was gift-wrapped by the Memphis Grizzlies to the L.A. Lakers, one Western Conference GM said, "Are you f***ing kidding me?" As for my reaction? I say, "CHAMPIONSHIP!"

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21 December 2007

Denver Nugget, Carmelo Anthony, smiled when he was fouled by a San Antonio Spurs player during a game last week.  Meanwhile, a Spur rebounded Anthony's shot.  He whizzed a pass to a teammate.  The teammate passed to another teammate.  Then, a Spur dunked the ball.

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