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Glad you stopped by my name is Kenneth Watkins and I'm an officiail sports nut, writer and love all kinds of sports.

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BCS Gets Drilled By Congressmen posted on 05/01/2009

It seems that John Swofford, the coordinator of the BCS did not really enjoy his time in front of Congress as some of them did not have kind words for him. Many things such as BS instead of BCS came out of their mouths fueling the fire what many college football fans are feeling about this system that we have to pick a National Champion. For the longest time I was for a playoff format, but I have thought a lot about it and I do agree a little bit with John Swofford, but not totally.

Yes, we would probably lose the bowl games if we did go to a playoff system even though some people said it would still work I seriously doubt we could keep them though. The one change I would like to see changes such as a better way to pick who plays in the championship game top make it more fair. The current system we have right now is full of holes and loopholes teams can exploit. If we could shore up some of these things I think the current BCS format would actually work out better then a playoff system.

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Cavaliers Did Not Get Lebron James Any Help Not A Good Move! posted on 02/20/2009
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 The Cleveland Cavaliers know that Lebron James could leave them soon for money, bright lights, and more opportunities in other avenues such as New York City and other places. Many teams are positioning them for a run at James and other free agents in 2010 and that is why Cleveland not making any trades is kind of interesting. Cleveland was trying to make trades for Shaq and Richard Jefferson, but nothing became of it. Now Shaq and Lebron together would had been a very interesting pairing and one that would have been tough to stop. Richard Jefferson was another player that could have helped the Cleveland Cavaliers as well, but a deal could not be worked out.

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Jimmie Johnson Wins At Phoenix And Extends Lead With One Race Left posted on 11/09/2008


Jimmie Johnson extended his points lead as he won the race at Phoenix this afternoon. Johnson led 217 of 313 laps to stretch his lead to 141 points which means he has only to finish 36th or better at Homestead in Miami to capture his third straight title. Many people do not realize how tough that is too do. Winning three straight Nextel Cup Championships is really tough. if you do not believe that just go back to see how many teams who won a championship lost the following year.

What Jimmie Johnson is doing is something special and it seems him and Chad Knaus have a special bond and they know exactly what they are doing. They might just win number four next year if they keep going the way they have in the past. Look for Jimmie Johnson continue to win unless someone else steps up to stop him. I really do not see that happening anytime soon. 

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Alabama, Texas Tech Sit One And Two Atop BCS Standings, But For How Long posted on 11/09/2008

Well for right now Alabama and Texas Tech fans are really happy as they stand one and two in the latest BCS Standings, but how much longer will that last. Texas Tech this week must travel to Norman Oklahoma to take on the Sooners which will not be an easy task. The last two games for the Red Raiders were at home and that sure helps out a lot. Meanwhile Alabama has a SEC championship game with Florida waiting for them. What could be interesting about all this is Boise State and Utah could be the country's only undefeated and not make it. I look for Alabama and Texas Tech to lose somewhere down the line. If we have a bunch of one loss teams than the BCS will have to give a bunch of bad news to a lot of teams. In fact it should be very interesting. I am praying for a lot of one loss teams so eventually we can get rid of the BCS and put in a playoff system.

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Zany Life In College Football posted on 10/01/2008

College Football over the last few years has really got crazy and this year it looks like that trend will continue. First up USC looks unstoppable against Ohio State and then they get beat. Other teams such as Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin also have got eat already this season. This means that every week we could have a new number one team. Right now Oklahoma and Alabama look like the cream of the crop, but that could change again after next week.

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